Album Review Jay Som - Anak Ko

Jay Som - Anak Ko

A real triumph.


Most of Melina Duterte’s second album was written in a week-long trip to Joshua Tree - a National Park outside of Los Angeles famed for its out-of-this-world scenery and propensity for artistic inspiration. The record is named after the Tagalog phrase for ‘My Child’, and from start to finish it’s a whimsical journey that’s full of imagination.

Lead single ‘Superbike’ combines the swirling distortion of My Bloody Valentine with chart-friendly vocal hooks inspired by Alanis Morissette. ‘Nightime Drive’ sounds like a woozy Mac DeMarco ballad being performed on a tropical beach at sunset. And the chugging ‘Peace Out’ and tender ‘Crown’ evoke the tender, sobering charm of Elliott Smith.

Jangling guitar strums are Jay Som’s sonic signature, but with Beatles bass lines, dreamy synth pads and lo-fi micro-beats providing surprises at every corner, she’s impossible to pin down. Call it chill wave, call it dream pop, call her a bedroom producer - this album’s full of enough variety and adventure to make such generalisations moot. A real triumph.

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