Listen LIFE drop new track ‘Bum Hour’

LIFE drop new track 'Bum Hour'

It’s the third song released from their highly anticipated second album ‘A Picture Of Good Health’.

With their sophomore album ‘A Picture Of Good Health’ due out next month, LIFE have just shared their latest cut ‘Bum Hour’. “’Bum Hour’ is the isolation when you shut your door,’ Mez explains of the snarling new song. “‘Bum Hour’ is about not being at ease on your own. ‘Bum Hour’ is ‘that’ pattern and routine broken. It’s the need to live again in that moment as you watch the barsbuzz from your lone-parent window. Your only comfort, your saviour, your little boy in his bedroom. You find yourself scrolling through your phone an act of self-harm and torture. Your mates are out -you lie down and sleep.”

It comes from ‘A Picture Of Good Health’, the forthcoming follow-up to 2017’s debut record, ‘Popular Music’. “’A Picture of Good Health’ is not a collage of work but rather a snapshot of time; our time and the time of those around us. It’s political, but in a personal way. It’s a body of work that explores and examines theband’s inner-selves through a precise period; a period that has brought pain, loneliness, blood, guts, single parenthood, depression and the need for survival and love. It is the sense and need for belonging that is the resounding end note!”

Listen to the new track below:

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