Album Review The Futureheads - Powers

The Futureheads - Powers

‘Powers’ sees The Futureheads fight fiercely once again.


When The Futureheads first burst down the door with their debut back in 2004, their angular thrashing and lovable accents formed part of the welcoming in of a new incarnation of indie. 15 years on, with their sixth album in tow, they come bearing a new version of that early potency. After unofficially calling it a day back in 2014, you’d be mistaken in thinking that time in the real world would’ve softened their blow. Instead, their wit is razor-sharp once more - and they’ve got the riffs to match. Opener ‘Jekyll’ buzzes with a dark foreboding, while ‘Headcase’ sees narrator Barry Hyde tackling his own mental health struggles head on. It’s ‘Across The Border’ - the near stream-of-consciousness led by Ross Millard - which hits home hardest. A frenetic diatribe staring square in the eye of Brexiteers everywhere, before gleefully teasing “Wouldn’t it be nice to go on holiday somewhere in Italy / How about a beer in Germany?”, it channels the absurdity of our everyday attitudes and the current political agenda perfectly. An album which proves a bit of time off can make a huge difference, ‘Powers’ sees The Futureheads fight fiercely once again.

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