Listen Angel Olsen releases new track ‘Lark’

Angel Olsen releases new track ‘Lark’

It’s the second cut from her forthcoming album, ‘All Mirrors’.

With her follow up to 2016’s ‘MY WOMAN’ record set for release next month, Angel Olsen is sharing the latest cut of ‘All Mirrors’ in the form of new track ‘Lark’. Backed by an 11-piece string section, the emotive track is a completely captivating and deliciously dark listen.

“‘Lark’ is a song that took many years to finish,” Angel explains. “The disjointed feelings and verses of this song began to make sense as a way for me to exercise a kind of journey through grieving, a kind of personal struggle. The message of the song developed at first from an argument I once had with someone about trust and support. Later, I pulled from recurring themes in my life as a musician and as a human that dreams for a living. It’s easy to promise the world to those we love, but what about when our dreams change and values split?”

Check it out below, and have a gander at the tracklist for ‘All Mirrors’ too:

‘All Mirrors’ tracklist:

1. Lark

2. All Mirrors

3. Too Easy

4. New Love Cassette

5. Spring

6. What It Is

7. Impasse

8. Tonight

9. Summer

10. Endgame

11. Chance

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