Listen Boo-Ah! Kim Petras unveils ‘Turn Off The Light’

Boo-Ah! Kim Petras unveils 'Turn Off The Light'

We’ve got your Halloween soundtrack right here.

“I think this one is definitely a lot harder [than ‘Turn Off The Light Volume 1’],” Kim Petras told us of her new Halloween-inspired drop way back in our August Issue, “but it’s still very much a continuation of the same thing. I really love it, and I love writing from somewhere where there’s no limits.”

Well now she’s delivered and then some. Sharing ‘Turn Off The Light’ (no ‘Volume 2’ here), the pop phenomenon has given us a huge 17-track project, including all the tracks from ‘Volume 1’ plus 9 newbies.

Check out the full list of tracks below, and get ready to play this non-stop until the 31st.


1) Purgatory

2) There Will Be Blood

3) Bloody Valentine

4) Wrong Turn

5) <demons>

6) Massacre

7) Knives

8) Death By Sex

9) o m e n

10) Close Your Eyes

11) TRANSylvania

12) Turn Off The Light

13) Tell Me It’s A Nightmare

14) i don’t wanna die…

15) In The Next Life

16) Boo! Bitch!

17) Everybody Dies

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