EP Review Yak - Atlas Complex

Yak - Atlas Complex

The band - once in danger of stalling - are firmly on their feet.


Yak’s ‘Atlas Complex’ EP comes barely six months after the release of second record ‘Pursuit of Momentary Happiness’. Recorded in early summer between Nashville and South London, the EP feels like a natural spin-off of Yak’s sophomore effort. ‘Am I A Good Man’ is the standout, with a tripping snare beat and a dancing bass line providing a groove to Oli Burslem’s swaggering vocals. Brassy horns and soaring strings seep in as the song grows, signalling the lasting influence of LP2 producer Jason Pierce of space-rock band Spiritualized. The title track’s giddy guitar melodies and percussive beat is sufficiently hypnotic, before the bizarrely themed ‘There’s A Turtle In My Soup’ provides a wake-up call with schisms of white noise distortion. ‘They Come, They Go’ closes the EP with another bang, making it clear enough that Yak - a band once in danger of stalling - are firmly on their feet.

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