Album Review Girl Ray - Girl

Like watching strangers from across a dance floor.

Girl Ray - Girl

Girl Ray’s debut ‘Earl Grey’ wasn’t exactly our cup of twee. Mawkish lyrics and humdrum indie-pop melodies left it all feeling a tad pedestrian. Second effort ‘Girl’ finds the band at a musical crossroads: there’s now a refreshing electronic influence, harkening back to the glory days of classic R&B. Singles ‘Girl’ and ‘Show Me More’ are intoxicating combinations of funk-laden hooks, retro synths and siren melodies. Alas, under the surface lurk familiar gremlins. ‘Go To The Top’ is a return to overtly quaint imagery, whilst the highly-awkward peacocking of ‘Just Down The Hall’ sounds like a lost Cardigans b-side. Only rarely can the listener form more than an ephemeral bond. ’Keep It Tight’ and ‘Friend Like That’ have an all-for-one gang mentality akin to chats with old friends. Unfortunately, it otherwise feels like watching strangers from across a dance floor.


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