Watch Mealtime share ‘Sublime’ video

Mealtime share ‘Sublime’ video

The six-piece return with their newest alt-pop banger.

After the release of their woozy-pop track ‘Teef’ back in August, Manchester’s Mealtime are back with new hard AF alt-pop song ‘Sublime’. Talking about the song in their own words, the sextet call it: “Our 2007 one-hit-wonder dance banger about temptation, excess and the joys of not keeping your conscience clean.” What more could you want, eh?

Accompanied by a tongue-in-cheek new vid that sees the group working a day job in an off licence, before moonlighting as sex-line workers and having a fun time in a limousine, it’s the perfect visuals to demonstrate Mealtime’s penchant for lols and taking everything to the max.

Sure to only be the start of something big for these six, take a look at the new vid below:

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