Watch Mattiel releases ‘Millionaire’ video

Mattiel releases ‘Millionaire’ video

This ain’t her first rodeo.

Following June’s release of sophomore album ‘Satis Factory’, Mattiel is now sharing the new video for record smash ‘Millionaire’. “Millionaire was written about high expectations and empty promises,” she explains of the song. “I suppose it serves as my own warning against complacency. It’s also the song that inspired the title of the album.”

The accompanying video sees her head out to a rodeo in an extremely swish cowboy outfit. “Besides the nostalgia factor from my childhood, I wanted to shoot the video at a state fair because there’s such an eerie juxtaposition between the bright lights and the actual people who run the cheap thrills,” she says. “The need for instant gratification is a very American, western-world thing. No matter the mental or physical cost, entertainment is always readily available. But funny enough, inside this huge funfair of rides and games, a lot of the people I ran into didn’t look entertained at all.”

Watch the new vid below:

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