Listen LVRA releases ‘u should be in love with me’

LVRA releases ‘u should be in love with me’

It’s the first glimpse into the alt-pop newcomer’s debut EP, set to land next year.

Following the release of her debut track ‘u don’t have to like me’, rising alt-pop newbie LVRA (pronounced “loo-rah”) is now sharing her latest chilled-out bop ‘u should be in love with me’.

Blending R&B elements with sleek production and her Billie Eilish-esque vocals, the song is a heartfelt track for “lovelorn over thinkers” everywhere.

Speaking on the inspiration for the song, LVRA says: “We had this chemistry, and I felt fucking empty when he left the next morning cause I knew it would just be a one night thing. The aftermath was dark, and all I could bring myself to do that day was write this track”

The first glimpse into her debut EP set to land next year, have a listen below:

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