Watch Hinds return with ‘Riding Solo’

Hinds return with ‘Riding Solo’

The Madrid four-piece share their first music of 2019.

Seeing off 2019 with their first slice of new music since their sophomore album ‘I Don’t Run’, Hinds have shared new track ‘Riding Solo’, all about coping with feeling lonely.

Talking on the new song, the group say: “feeling lonely is one of the most common human feelings, right ? well, being a musician doesn’t really help. your whole life is constantly moving and the only thing that remains is yourself. and dealing with yourself, oh gosh, we all know how boring and angering that can be. riding solo is about this. about us. perpetually on the move, being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. surrounded by strangers most time of the day, being 9 hours time difference from our people and what we call home, living and dying por y para la música”

Echoing M.I.A.’s ‘Paper Planes’ with its infectious chorus, and with the much-missed appearance of Hinds’ signature attitude, ‘Riding Solo’ is the first glimpse into their upcoming third album.

Take a look below:

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