Listen Self Esteem shares ‘All I Want For Christmas Is A Work Email’

Self Esteem shares ‘All I Want For Christmas Is A Work Email’

Rebecca Taylor reveals her alternative festive bop.

The festive period is well and truly upon us, and to get us in the spirit Self Esteem has shared a new Christmas bop, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is A Work Email’. Lovely, innit?

Speaking about the track she says: “Hello I am here to ruin your Christmas. I had the opportunity to record at Abbey Road for a few days and I thought I would use the time wisely. I’ve always been into writing sad Christmas songs as deep stans will know - and that desire has apparently not left me. This was in my head as soon as I had decided to write something ‘Christmassy’. Because Christmas for me is more frustrating and difficult than any other time of year, I feel like it illuminates everything that might not be ok and makes it double not ok. A goal of mine is to one day enjoy it like a normal person, but I wanted to write a song for fellow people who cope with life by working and creating and moving forwards - the enforced stillness of Christmas can be so triggering. Also I referenced The Darkness in the studio which is a first and potentially not the last.”

Have a listen below:

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