Listen Another Sky share new single ‘Brave Face’

Another Sky share new single 'Brave Face'
Photo: Parri Thomas

It’s our newest taste of their forthcoming debut album.

Our DIY Class of 2020 pals Another Sky have just released ‘Brave Face’, a soaring anthem which gives us our latest taste into their highly anticipated debut album.

“’Brave Face’ was written for a friend ending a bad relationship,” vocalist Catrin Vincent explains. “I saw so many parallels between her situation and my own. The lyric ‘you put on your brave face, now, girl’ is something an ex once said to me. To me, putting on a ‘brave face’ means hiding struggle and living in denial. I wanted to reclaim those words and transform them into a war cry for myself and her. Instead of telling us to ‘suck it up’, I’m telling us to use our anger instead. The world tells women that if we get angry, we lose our softness and what makes us a woman. That’s not true. I’m asking us to accept our anger as necessary, in order to protect ourselves.”

“Essentially, I’m always trying to say something, but what I did for the album lyrics was I gathered all of our songs together, and thought, ‘What is the common thread? What am I actually trying to say?’” she told us back in our December 2019/January 2020 issue. “They’re all quite old songs, so they’re actually things I was saying in 2014, and there’s almost this youthful naivety to it. What I realised is that it’s kind of about trying to escape your hometown, and then discovering that you never really can.

“The album’s going to have more of a theme, and it’s how these issues personally relate to me and the things that I’ve been through. I’m really excited to make it more personal because I think that’s what everyone is trying to do when they write lyrics, or make art.”

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