Listen moa moa make their hypnotic introduction on debut track ‘Yellow Jacket’

moa moa make their hypnotic introduction on debut track ‘Yellow Jacket’

The four-piece introduce themselves with a charmingly whimsical bop.

Nothing pushes away those mid-week blues like finding your fave new band, and newbies moa moa have all the ingredients to become just that. Made up of pals James Ratcliffe, Connor James, Dan Byrne and Matt Taylor, the group have just shared their psych-tinged alt-pop debut ‘Yellow Jacket’, and it’s the perfect whimsical intro to the quartet.

“‘Yellow Jacket’ is a song that draws a deliberately simple caricature of a dysfunctional relationship,” James explains. “It’s not a personal anecdote, but there were moments where I added in aspects of my own (and others) experiences to create ‘Person A’ and ‘Person B’, who form the narrative of the song. Lyrically, the first and second verses tell the story of a call and response between the couple, who are articulating their emotions poorly. I wanted to use the kind of cliches that we all find ourselves using when we’re trying to navigate feelings of jealousy, love, and desire – poking fun at the idea that by doing so, we’re achieving some kind of self-preservation.

“Musically, I wanted us to create something that mirrored the simplicity of the subject matter in an interesting way, which comes through in the contrast between the neanderthal rhythm and the more cutting, thick guitars.”

Have a listen below.


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