News Gorillaz share second Song Machine episode, ‘Désolé’

The track features Malian superstar Fatoumata Diawara.

Following last month’s ‘Momentary Bliss’ featuring Slaves and slowthai, everyone’s favourite animated pop troupe Gorillaz have returned with a second Song Machine episode.

‘Désolé’ features Malian superstar Fatoumata Diawara, and is sung in three languages - French, English and Bambara.

“Making Désolé with Fatou was a real moment for me, you know,” says Gorillaz’ Russel. “She’s an African Queen. This lady made the song what it is, beautiful, like life. What can I say about ‘Désolé’? They say sorry is the hardest word, but that’s not true… Try saying antidisestablishmentarianism with a mouth full of gluten free cronuts on a speed boat without licking your lips.”

Watch below.


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