News. Maybe. Are The 1975 teasing the return of Drive Like I Do?

Are The 1975 teasing the return of Drive Like I Do?
Photo: Jordan Curtis Hughes

Spoiler: we have no bloody idea what’s going on.

Back before they were the pop kings known as The 1975, Matty, George, Ross and Adam were known as Drive Like I Do, and it looks like they might be planning a return.

There’s been rumours swirling around for ages, and earlier this week, ignited and sent ‘75 stans (and us at DIY HQ) into a frenzy, only fuelled more by the fact the band have been selling DLID merch at their recent shows and the site’s sort code seems to be a reference to lyrics from classic DLID banger ‘Shootout At The University Fair’.

It then took a bit of a turn when a comic sans “kind of yeah” appeared, which internet sleuths have linked to Matty’s Reddit AMA when he replied to the question of if their upcoming record ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ would be an emo record with “Kind of yeah.”

And now the plot thickens even more, with a new update showing what looks like a track list with some old school DLID tracks included.

Currently it reads:

Au Début
Answers on a Postcard
If croissants are bourgeoise I don’t want to be a proletariat
Our Story on Cassette
A Place I Can’t Imagine
One Wish
Lost Boys
The Go

BUT replying to The 1975 Source on Instagram with a super not vague and annoying “Nope”, Matty’s shut down the idea that it’s a track list. WTF it is instead, we have no idea.

Any ideas as to what the hell is happening, please give us a shout. Until then, we’ll just be falling deeper and deeper into the 1975 Subreddit rabbit hole…


Matty's confirmed via a comment on Insta that the website is fake (*sobs*) writing, "I didn't make that website although I am slightly annoyed the domain name is now gone lol. I dunno who made it probs the same person who made up them quotes about coffee etc".

We still have hope of a DLID return regardless...


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