Listen LIFE release new track ‘Switching On’

LIFE release new track 'Switching On'
Photo: Emma Swann

The band play New York’s New Colossus festival this week.

LIFE have shared a new single.

‘Switching On’ follows the Hull band’s album ‘A Picture of Good Health’, released last year.

Of the song, frontman Mez says: “After completing ‘A Picture of Good Health’ I felt like I belonged in the world, lyrically painting over the bone-eating demons, I wanted to express why this was. I wanted to scratch it out like people do on woodland trees or moorland rocks. It was love; I found love.

‘Switching On’ is my lyrical attempt of charting that journey; the initial giddy, nervous and pinch-me moments, the wanting to be accepted, the lust and the incredible feeling of finding that person and falling in love.

The band wanted to be open to all aspects of musicality so that the lyrics were given an aural heart. We wanted to be brave, bold and exciting as we evolve our sound and rhythms by bringing in elements of synths, pads, machines and pure bass and guitar experimentation.

‘Switching On’ is a nod to where we want to be and where we are going; the future.”

The band play DIY’s stage at New Colossus on Saturday 14th March at Berlin.

Watch the video below.

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