Watch GUM shares soaring new track ‘Out In The World’

GUM shares soaring new track 'Out In The World'
Photo: Laura Lynn Petrick

Jay Watson of POND and Tame Impala unveils a gorge new pop song.

Unveiling his brand new single today, POND and Tame Impala multi-instrumentalist GUM - aka Jay Watson - has unveiled dark new pop song ‘Out In The World’.

“’Out In the World’ is about wanting to give up and never talk to anyone ever again after something goes wrong. Some people have that feeling all the time - it’s crippling and isolating,” Jay explains. “It sounds like light coming through half-shut blinds. It’s not possible for all, but for me, I force myself to go out again, or get on stage, or do whatever it is I have to do to keep moving on.”

Alongside this, he’s also revealing a dreamy cover of ‘It’s A Sad World’ from Ballroom, which he discovered on YouTube a few years ago. “It reminded me of Portishead,” he unveils, “the production is amazing. I like recording covers every now and then to break up recording your own songs. It’s nice to not have to worry about the songwriting and just record something for the sake of it.”

Watch the Laura-Lynn Petrick directed visuals for ‘Out In The World’ below.

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