Watch Poppy reveals self-directed ‘Sit/Stay’ video

Poppy reveals self-directed ‘Sit/Stay’ video
Photo: Phil Knott

Watch the slightly creepy new visuals now.

Lifted from her recently released record ‘I Disagree’, Poppy has shared the creepy visuals for ‘Sit/Stay’.

Directed by Poppy herself, the video follows a Poppy-like mannequin trapped in a padded room, perhaps parodying her earlier eras which she has now shaken off.

“This album feels like my first album,” she told us in our February 2020 issue. “All the things I’ve loved, I’ve been able to pour into this one. I got to have total freedom and didn’t let anyone else give their opinions until it was done, and even when it was done I didn’t really take their opinion into account. I just made what made me happy and proud, and was something I would listen to and want to perform for the next year or so on tour. It was all about what felt right. That’s what I try to operate on: does it feel real and does it feel right for me?”

Watch the new vid below.

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