Listen Squid unleash new banger ‘Sludge’

Squid unleash new banger ‘Sludge’

It’s the group’s first release on Warp Records.

Blessing us during self-isolation, Squid have unleashed a raucous new’un to play at full volume and scream along to in your lounge.

Sharing new track ‘Sludge’, it’s the group’s first release on Warp Records, having signed to the label late last year.

A huge new offering, the track sees the group looking more introspectively than their previous character-driven releases, exploding in an experimental sonic boom and driven by vocalist Ollie Judge’s screaming vocals.

Basically, it’s a huge banger.

“I’m glad that we’ve laid the groundwork for [the music] to be different,” keyboardist Arthur Leadbetter said in our Class of 2020 interview, hinting that the album too could go in all manner of different directions. “It means we’re not afraid to do anything.”

Listen to ‘Sludge’ below.

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