News Lynks Afrikka to stream full live set on YouTube

Lynks Afrikka to stream full live set on YouTube
Photo: Emma Swann

It follows the release of his “self-isolation tapes”.

Keeping us fed during self-isolation, Lynks Afrikka has been taking on livestreams, releasing his “self-isolation tapes” all of last week, and now he’s gearing up to stream a full live set on his YouTube this evening!

“I’m no hero. I’m just a man with a hair-helmet, a dry cough and a £9 green screen from Amazon,” he tells us. “It’s been a bit of a wild ride. In retrospect I probably should have produced a week of videos ahead of time, then released one each day in a controlled, planned fashion. In reality, my days have ended up being a writing session at breakfast, recording at midday, filming at lunch, editing in the afternoon and then desperately sharing across social media in the evening. It’s been a bit exhausting, very hectic, but also quite great. My bedroom has never looked worse.”

Head to his YouTube at 7:30pm to watch the magic unfold.

Catch up on the self-isolation tapes below!

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