Watch Glass Animals unveil ‘Your Love (Déjà Vu)’ video

Glass Animals unveil ‘Your Love (Déjà Vu)’ video
Photo: Pooneh Ghana

The latest glimpse into their third album gets some infrared visuals.

Giving us the second glimpse into what their third album will hold - following the November release of ‘Tokyo Drifting’ - Glass Animals have unveiled the brand new video for funky new’un ‘Your Love (Déjà Vu).

“I think we’ve all found ourselves in fucked up relationships that make us feel sad and helpless,” the band’s Dave Bayley says of the song. “Not necessarily something romantic - maybe it’s with a family member or a friend. A relationship that we know on some level is going to keep breaking our hearts. We let that person back into their lives over and over again, even though it always ends the same.

Maybe you don’t confront it because you hope it’ll change with time. Or because it’s easier to let it slide and never set boundaries. maybe you think you deserve that unhappiness. Or maybe you find some strange comfort in the chaos.

This song is about that…about being addicted to chaos. About doing or allowing something self-destructive because on some level you get off on the sadness that comes of it. It’s about wanting to float around and exist inside of that feeling because it has always been familiar to you. It’s something that a lot of people know from growing up in a tense household…so it can feel right to create that dynamic, even if you don’t realise you’re doing it.”

Watch the new vid below.

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