From your sofa… DIYsolation: #7 with Baxter Dury

A special Bedtime Stories session streamed directly to your sofa on Sunday at 8pm!

We don’t know about you, but it’s been a bit of a busy week for Team DIY (more on why that is here). And so, to give us all a well needed relaxing weekend, for our Sunday evening DIYsolation session we’re doing something rather special.

Taking over our Instagram at 8pm, we’ll have the one and only Baxter Dury reading us some Bedtime Stories! And rumour has it, he’s got an Ian Dury biography at the ready to dive into…

Fresh off of releasing his latest record ‘The Night Chancers’, we had a little chat with him for our March 2020 issue that you can revisit here.

Watch back below.

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