Watch Wallows share 90s-inspired ‘OK’ video

Wallows share 90s-inspired ‘OK’ video
Photo: Anthony Pham

The shimmering indie gem gets some energetic visuals.

Following the song’s release last month, Wallows have shared the visuals for their first new track of 2020, shimmering indie gem ‘OK’.

“’OK’ is a song about insecurities in a relationship,” they explain, “having a hard time accepting something that feels ‘too good to be true’, but overall learning to embrace it and accept the love you’re receiving and focusing on returning it. Now, given the state of the world and the health crisis we happen to be in at the time of the song’s release, we feel like the main line/hook of the song, ‘Can we get up and try to feel okay again?’, sort of takes on a new meaning/purpose itself for people at this moment in time. The thought that no matter where we are or how alone/lost we feel right now, we can get up again and try to feel OK. We’re in it together.”

Following the LA-based trio around on a road trip, the 90s-inspired visuals were directed with frequent collaborator Dillon Dowdell.

Check it out below.

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