DIYsolation DIYsolation: #12 with Gus Dapperton

DIYsolation: #12 with Gus Dapperton

Streaming directly to your sofa on Thursday at 5pm (UK time)!

Fresh off of the release of his brand new track ‘First Aid’, we’ve got NYC artist Gus Dapperton in DIYsolation over on our Instagram on Thursday 23rd April at 5pm UK time!

Playing his new tune, alongside some other, Gus will hopefully be spilling the goss on his upcoming new album, that follows his 2018 debut ‘Where Polly People Go To Read’.

Speaking to us last year about the new record, Gus explained, “It’s about self-reflection, sort of. It’s a bit more emo. I started feeling more emo. I just kind of feel like I felt in high school. I’ve always been really independent but I feel like there have been a lot of forces trying to make me feel less independent. It’s just stressing me out a little bit. I know what I need to do to get through it but that’s the vibe. I like that kind of music though and I liked when I used to make music like that.”

Make sure to tune into our Instagram on Thursday at 5pm UK time to find out more!

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