DIYsolation DIYsolation: #14 with mxmtoon

DIYsolation: #14 with mxmtoon

Streaming live to your sofa on Tuesday at 5pm UK time!

Following the release of her brand new EP ‘dawn’ last week, we’ve got Oakland-born Brooklyn-based songwriter mxmtoon up next in DIYsolation!

Speaking about her latest release, she says, “I knew that I didn’t want to do another album right away. It was a personal challenge for myself to write music that’s more externally-facing. A lot of my narratives and lyrics are like listening to someone ramble about what’s going on inside their head, so I wanted to make music I could dance to and have other people feel like they move to.”

Taking place over on our Instagram on Tuesday 28th April at 5pm UK time, mxmtoon will be playing us some songs as well as answering any burning questions you might have!

Make sure to tune in then!

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