Listen Nadine Shah shares new track ‘Buckfast’

Nadine Shah shares new track 'Buckfast'
Photo: Fraser Taylor

It’s the latest track lifted from her upcoming fourth album ‘Kitchen Sink’.

With her fourth album ‘Kitchen Sink’ now set to be released on 26th June, Nadine Shah is giving us our latest taste of what to expect with new track ‘Buckfast’.

Speaking about the new song, she says, “Definitely not my drink of choice or one that I would admit to drinking anyway. I like the idea that it is brewed by Benedictine monks though, makes it seem that bit classier. But like this song, we hide our bad habits, the ‘food too embarrassing’, unworthy of our Instagram feed. The food we scrape together when we feel so shite and can’t take ourselves to the shop so make up a concoction of condiments left over from old Indian takeaways and cut the corner of mould off the bread meals. ‘Buckfast’ is about a toxic relationship, it’s about gaslighting.”

Have a listen to the new track below.

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