Eurovision 2020 Daði Freyr takes us through his fave Eurovision entries

The Icelandic artist does a deep dive of the best bangers from previous years.

With Eurovision 2020 meant to be taking place this weekend, but obv not due to these “current unprecedented circumstances”, we’ve cooked up something a little special.

This year’s Icelandic entry, turned viral superstar and new synth-pop legend, Daði Freyr, who you’ll know from the infectiously catchy ‘Think About Things’, is giving us a special run through of his fave Eurovision entries from the past few years.

“The success of ‘Think About Things’ has gone beyond my wildest dreams,” he told us. “I think the reason is mainly the positive vibes. I like positive vibes and I think the world is ready for more of those.”

Get the positive vibes ready, and dive into these banging entries, alongside playing the new Hot Chip remix of ‘Think About Things’ below.

Silvia Night - Congratulations

Sylvia Night changed the Eurovision game for me. She went all the way. She was hated by pretty much the whole Eurovision community because people didn’t understand that it was a publicity stunt. Not just a publicity stunt, her whole Eurovision trip was part of the performance. I feel like this is one of the most underrated performances in Eurovision history.

Datner & Kushnir - Shir Habatlanim

These guys were a big influence on Gagnamagnið as a Eurovision performance group. Their dance moves are so simple yet so effective. You don’t have to be constantly showing off your dance skills, but the right move at the right time is gold. Also I feel like they play with pauses in movements in a very effective way.

Stefan Raab - Wadde hadde dudde da

I remember seeing this on TV as a kid. When the backing singers changed their outfit, that’s when I became a man. I love the energy in the performance, it’s exactly the energy I like to see in Eurovision. They don’t take themselves too seriously but they still have a respect for the platform they have been provided. I think a lot of Eurovision contestants see Eurovision as a more serious competition than it actually is. It’s an entertainment TV show. Probably the most entertaining TV show there is in my opinion.

Loreen - Euphoria

This one takes a very different approach. It’s a more serious piece of art but also very effective. The song is a banger and the way she dances around stage really draws you into her world. I also think it’s the best winning song in recent years.

Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah

Lordi did something that nobody could have expected and I think it proves my point that Eurovision isn’t necessarily about who writes the best pop song. It’s about who has the best full package. Nobody cares if your song is amazing and you don’t sell it on stage. Eurovision is a competition in arts, which is a pretty weird concept. Just get people on board with whatever it is that you are doing and you will be fine.

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