Listen Matt Maltese returns with new single ‘queen bee’

Photo: Sam Hiscox

He’s also announced a brand new EP!

Following the release of his second album ‘Krystal’ last year, Matt Maltese has announced a brand new EP and shared a new single!

Set for release on 7th August, he’s giving us a glimpse into new EP ‘madhouse’ with glimmering cut ‘queen bee’, with features from The Lemon Twigs’ Brian D’Addario on guitar and vocals from Sorry’s Asha Lorenz.

“It’s a song about the notion of finding ‘true love’, and being doubtful yet persistently and annoyingly hopeful,” Matt explains. “It’s a song that sort of speaks to your future lover with equal parts cynicism and soppiness.”

Have a listen below, and peep the full ‘madhouse’ track list too.

‘madhouse’ Tracklisting:
1. little person
2. queen bee
3. hi
4. madhouse
5. leather wearing AA
6. sad dream

3 back issues for £7

3 back issues for £7

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