Watch Club Intl share debut single ‘Crush’

Club Intl share debut single 'Crush'

The synthy new’un from John Eatherly’s new project.

Unveiling debut track ‘Crush’, John Eatherly is back with new project Club Intl.

Also featuring Chromatics’ John Jewel and Madeline Follin of Cults, Eatherly says of the supergroup’s first cut, “A crush hits you like an avalanche. An electric storm throwing you towards a newdestiny. The waters are deep & your feet can’t touch the ground. This songencapsulates that excitement of being forced out of your routine. The wind blows sandin your eyes…but you can’t look away from the sun. Waiting for a signal from the UVrays, unable to ignore your fate. Embrace the unknown.”

Check it out below.

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