News Working Men’s Club unveil ‘MEGAMIX’

Working Men’s Club unveil ‘MEGAMIX’
Photo: Jenn Five

The 21-minute “taster” of their debut album is available to stream now.

With their self-titled debut album originally set to be released today but pushed back to October for obvious reasons, Working Men’s Club have decided to mark the day by releasing ‘MEGAMIX’, a 21-minute taster of the album.

“Our album would have been released today but we had to push the release back due to Covid. It doesn’t feel like a particularly apt time to be self promoting anything at all however we wanted to give something to the people who pre-ordered the album on what would of the original release date,” says band leader Syd Minsky-Sargeant. “Initially it seemed a bit of a crazy idea to go and remix an album we’ve just made that isn’t even out yet. But once we got into it we were like, ‘let’s fucking go for it’.”

“It’s free flowing and electronic, rather than sounding like a band,” he continues. “It gives an insight into what the record is like, as well as the future of the band, but it’s also something totally exclusive. It’s very much its own thing.”

Available to stream now for seven days, check it out here.

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