Watch Metronomy unveil ‘The Light’ video

Metronomy unveil 'The Light' video

The trippy new video was directed by the band’s Joe Mount.

Lifted from last year’s ‘Metronomy Forever’ album, Metronomy have unveiled the trippy visuals for album cut ‘The Light’.

Directed by band leader Joe Mount, the video also features additional animation by visual artist Gabriel Rolim, who has been a collaborator on Metronomy’s lockdown series ‘Metronomy TV’.

“You get people who seem like they’ve given up on the idea of connecting with young people, but the longer I continue to feel that what I’m doing is of value to a demographic of people that aren’t just [getting older with me] then it’s interesting,” Joe told us for our September 2019 issue. “As I get older I see things that are super interesting because they’re just honest. The algorithms that drive Spotify - on one level they’re super weird and people don’t like the idea of being sold music taste by a computer. But on the other hand, that computer’s got really fucking sick taste in music! And that’s the thing – it’s the sixth record now. I don’t think I have to explain [Metronomy] anymore. There’s obviously not something fundamentally wrong with what I’m doing, so if it’s cool it’s cool, and if it’s not, it’s not.”

Have a watch of their new vid below.

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