EP Review Lynks Afrikka - Smash Hits Vol. 1

A thrilling and exciting listen.

Lynks Afrikka - Smash Hits Vol. 1

Sounding part weird comedy/art project and part one of the most forward-thinking pop releases for a while, Lynks Afrikka’s debut EP ‘Smash Hits Vol. 1’ is exactly what its title suggests - full of tongue-in-cheek smashes. Expertly dissecting the trials and tribulations of modern life over a club-ready backing, Lynks covers all bases, from tapping into the anxieties and cliches of dating in the warped ‘Desperate and lonely, in desperate need of love’ - “I still think about my ex every time I masturbate, I’ve not got any plans for after I graduate” - to ripping the piss of standard life-guides in thumping 80s-infused ‘How To Be Successful’ - “Apply to jobs in TV, media and advertising, while always emphasising your love of filing.” Although it could all fall into being a bit niche, Lynks’ whip-smart analysis of what it feels like to grow up surrounded by pressures alongside with his penchant for crafting hugely infectious tracks makes the EP a thrilling and exciting listen. And you know it’ll have some bonus dance-a-longs too.


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