Watch Ho9909 offer up powerful new video ‘Pigs Want Me Dead’

Ho9909 offer up powerful new video 'Pigs Want Me Dead'

“Viewer discretion is highly advised.”

Following previous releases ‘Christopher Doner’ and ‘Pray or Prey’, Ho9909 have shared the visuals for powerful new track ‘Pigs Want Me Dead’.

A “stark reaction to the horrors and everyday effects of police brutality against the black community”, the new vid comes with a viewer discretion warning at the very beginning.

With lyrics including “What am I suppose to do when the odds up against me & the pigs want me dead / I ain’t strapped / ima threat / look at my skin / ima black man / in a system where I’m shot down or im in the pen / Freeze put yo hands up / I said put yo hands up / Ain’t nowhere to run”, ‘Pigs Want Me Dead’ is a powerful and striking new track.

Watch the video now below.

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