Watch Sad13 releases new track ‘Hysterical’

It’s the latest glimpse into second album ‘Haunted Painting’.

Following previous releases ‘Ghost (Of A Good Time)’ and ‘Oops…!’, Sad13 is giving us our latest taste of what her second album ‘Haunted Painting’ has in store, releasing new track ‘Hysterical’.

All about taking aim at “unfunny comedians [who] love to argue that ‘PC culture’ destroys comedy”, the new track is accompanied by an Unfriended-inspired new video.

Check it out below.

‘Haunted Painting Tracklisting:
1. Into the Catacombs
2. WTD?
3. Hysterical
4. Ghost (of a Good Time)
5. Oops…!
6. Good Grief
7. Ruby Wand
8. With Baby
9. The Crow
10. Take Care
11. Market Hotel


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