Watch Haiku Hands release ‘Fashion Model Art’ video

Haiku Hands release 'Fashion Model Art' video
Photo: Jasmin Tarasin

The track features on their forthcoming debut album.

With their long-awaited self-titled debut album set for release on 10th September, Haiku Hands are unveiling the video for ‘Fashion Model Art’ featuring Sofi Tukker.

“The chorus of ‘Fashion Model Art’ was created on the train coming home from the Sydney Biennale,” the band say, “It was the moment we swapped from being our composed observant art critiques to our boisterous playful selves. We ended up having half the carriage chanting fashion fashion, model model, art art art art on the train. This song celebrates the fashion model art character within ourselves. We revel in the hilarious, tense, fun, ridiculous and utmost seriousness of these moments. SOFI TUKKER jumped on this song after we toured with them for a month in the US.”

With the new vid directed by Jasmin Tarasin, Jasmin adds, “Haiku Hands are in fact a wonderful collide of Fashion , Model , Art in the very best way . It was so inspiring to be able to play and create with these women in collaboration with our combined creative community . I enjoyed the process so much and feel that the fun and beauty we found is seen on screen. We had the very best time.”

Check out the new vid below.

'Haiku Hands' Tracklisting:
01. Not About You
02. Manbitch
03. Sunride
04. Jupiter
05. Fashion Model Art (feat. SOFI TUKKER)
06. Onset (feat. Mad Zach)
07. Eat This Bass
08. Car Crash
09. Super Villain
10. Mechanical Animal
11. I See You Baby
12. Morning Becomes

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