Confirmed Black Honey announce second album ‘Written & Directed’

Black Honey announce second album ‘Written & Directed’

“I made this record for young women to feel invincible.”

Spilling the beans to us last month, Black Honey have now confirmed that their second album, ‘Written & Directed’, will be arriving on 29th January via Foxfive Records.

The follow-up to their 2018 self-titled debut, Izzy B. Phillips states how she wants the record to make young women feel invincible, with recent “vagina rock” teaser ‘Run For Cover’ an excellent example of this.

“I think with Album One we didn’t really know what we were doing and we were experimenting and just trying everything,” guitarist Chris Ostler told us last month. “Whereas with this one we know a bit more who we are and what we want to do, and I think that definitely comes across on this record. It feels really fresh and really strong.”

“It feels like what we’ve made is Black Honey on steroids,” Izzy adds. “In the time that we made it, we couldn’t have done anything else, and reflecting back on it, absolutely no one could have made this apart from us. If no one likes it and if it bombs, we don’t give a shit, because we really love it and we’ve really enjoyed making it. I really believe in it. It’s exciting.”

See the full track list below.

‘Written & Directed’ Tracklisting:
1. I Like The Way You Die
2. Run For Cover
3. Beaches
4. Back Of The Bar
5. Believer
6. I Do It To Myself
7. Disinfect
8. Summer ‘92
9. Fire
10. Gabrielle

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