Listen Jawny releases new track ‘Trigger Of Love’

Jawny releases new track ‘Trigger Of Love’

It’s the latest track from his new ‘For Abby’ project.

Following previous releases ‘Sabotage’ and ‘Super Bad Mantra’, Jawny is giving us the third glimpse into his forthcoming new project ‘For Abby’, sharing magnetic new track ‘Trigger Of Love’.

“’Trigger of Love’ is the first song I made in quarantine and it was the last song to make the record,” says JAWNY. “It’s also my favorite song on the record… I had just fallen in love again and I made the record butt-ass-naked on my living room floor. Nothing fancy on this one, just me, my voice and the guitar.”

With ‘For Abby’ out on 27th October, have a listen to his hazy new’un below.

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