Confirmed Murmur announces new EP ‘Behind Your Back’

Listen to first track ‘For You, Baby’ now.

Known for playing keys in Sassy 009’s band, Sunniva Mellbye - aka Murmur - has announced her new solo EP ‘Behind Your Back’, sharing first single ‘For You, Baby’ to celebrate.

“‘For You, Baby’ is the inner voice of someone doing her utmost to seduce her object of desire. Promises of experience and love are cried out in a moment of desperation,” says Sunniva. “Looking at contemporary romance, I struggle to grasp what go though people’s minds. While writing these songs, I dissected my own experiences, trying to understand.”

With her new EP set for release on 6th November, check out the first single and track list below.

‘Behind You Back’ Tracklisting:
1. From Below
2. For You, Baby
3. Highest Tide

3 back issues for £7

3 back issues for £7

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