Listen Sundara Karma release new track ‘Artifice’

Sundara Karma release new track 'Artifice'

Lifted from their upcoming new EP ‘Kill Me’!

After returning with new track ‘Kill Me’ earlier this month, Sundara Karma are spoiling us today, announcing that they’ve got a brand new EP on the way and sharing new track ‘Artifice’.

Speaking on their latest song, Oscar Pollock says, “’Artifice’ is about someone having been in your life and not being in it anymore, but they’ve left a mark that will never be removed…. and being able to make peace with that. The scar may be there forever, but that’s fine because life goes on.”

The newest glimpse into their forthcoming EP, ‘Kill Me’ is set for release on 24th November. Co-produced by Oscar and Clarence Clarity, Oscar notes of their collab, “It was really exciting to work together… I’ve been a fan of his solo material for a while now and I think he’s really helped me translate my songs into a more streamlined sequence of sounds. There’s so much going on with each of these songs”.

Set to be full of bangers, peep the track list below.

‘Kill Me’ EP Tracklisting:
1. Kill Me
2. O Stranger
4. Artifice
5. Lifelines

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