Listen Public Body share new track ‘Table Manners’

The Brighton-based group share their biting new’un.

Giving us their latest piece of biting post-punk, Brighton newbies Public Body are sharing new track ‘Table Manners’.

Speaking on the recording process, the band’s Seb Gilmore explains, “When I was writing the synth bits I was picturing the Rugrats song and I guess that was probably the biggest influence musically.”

Graphic designer and artist Emil Mniszko (who created the ‘Table Manners’ artwork) adds, “You are sitting in the lobby, a ghostly jingle drifts through the airwaves while a mute screen shows familiar suited men seated around a large circular table. The calendar says 2020, but that can’t be right. Memories of an information age fall away as the spectres of a forgotten future pass into you.”

With a new EP set to make an impact next year, have a listen to ‘Table Manners’ below.


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