Watch GUM unveils ‘Low to Low’ video

It’s his “favourite track” from his recently released fifth album.

Following the release of ‘Out In The World’ back in June, GUM - aka Tame Impala and POND multi-instrumentalist Jay Watson - is now sharing the video for ‘Low to Low’.

Shot in Fremantle with POND co-conspirator Jamie Terry, Jay says, “My mate Az gave me 16 panels of Perspex he had found, who knows where? GUM thinks outside (and inside) the box. Now that the dust has settled on ‘Out In The World’, I think this is probably my favourite track from the album, and I know it is for lots of other people too, so I wanted to make a visual for it.”

Speaking on the song itself, he adds, “I purchased an EHX DRM15 drum machine and the song developed from one of the preset beats, this ‘robot-latin vive with lots of spring reverb. It was the last song I recorded for the album, it’s bizarre stylistically, but I just went with it.”

Check out the video below.


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