Watch Kinlaw reveals new track ‘Permissions’

Kinlaw reveals new track ‘Permissions’

It comes ahead of her debut album next year.

With her debut album ‘The Tipping Scale’ arriving on 22nd January via Bayonet Records, New York’s Kinlaw is sharing her latest track ‘Permissions’.

“I only allowed myself to write this track while I was moving forward physically,” Kinlaw explains. “I turned it into a bit of a game; there are many mental games woven through all of the tracks, really, but this one has the most. I wrote Permissions on a bus, in the back of a car, on a plane, and every lyric and melody was written while walking or running. I was in an extraordinary depression at that time and wanted to honor it, yet still, write something for a future that would hopefully feel different. Permissions’ first few notes start quite high and immediately settle into low. The entire melody, if drawn out, would look somewhat like an EEG brain scan or something, with the spiking lines up and down and all around. It can sometimes be challenging for me to sing it. I like that about this one. The feelings are hard, the words are hard, it’s hard to sing, yet here we are, dancing together.”

Have a listen below.

‘The Tipping Scale’ Tracklisting:
1. The Mechanic
2. Two Poets
3. Home
4. There She Is
5. Haircut
6. Potential Control Freak
7. Permissions
8. Oldeander
9. Blindspot
10. The Road

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