EP Review Grand Pax - Wavey

Grand Pax - Wavey

‘Wavey’ should do well to keep the buzz on ice.


The London-based songwriter has been bubbling under for a few years now - from debut track ‘Comet’ released in 2018 alongside a self-titled EP to this summer’s ‘PWR’. New three-track ‘Wavey’ is proof there’s still promise in Grand Pax’s brand of low-key, mellow pop. The title track is the most immediate of the trio here - ‘Wavey’ by both name and nature. Closer ‘Trip’ deftly hints at menace throughout, her whispered vocals layered to eerie effect, while final number ‘ATV’ is more confessional in style - not a million miles from a more melancholy, resigned Japanese House. They’re all growers - it’s not a release likely to send Grand Pax stratospheric - but as an exercise in ticking along nicely, ‘Wavey’ should do well to keep the buzz on ice.

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