Watch KennyHoopla unleashes ‘ESTELLA//’ video

KennyHoopla unleashes ‘ESTELLA//’ video

The Travis Barker-featuring new’un gets some explosive visuals.

After releasing his new pop-punk banger with Blink 182’s Travis Barker last week, KennyHoopla is now revealing the accompanying video for ‘ESTELLA//’.

“I loved Kenny’s music from the moment I heard it and showed everyone it,” Travis says of the collab. “We connected and kept talking about working together. ‘Bout a month ago we got in the studio for a few hrs and it was magic. That’s when we wrote ESTELLA, rest is history.”

Kenny adds, “It feels like there is always a place and time for everything except there really being a place for time - more so honing in on pictures never doing justice and the funny irony of the public’s emotion towards my seat in the industry right now.”

Check out the vid below.

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