Watch Biig Piig releases the video for ‘Feels Right’

Biig Piig releases the video for 'Feels Right'

Head on a fun AF night out in the new visuals.

After releasing her new sizzler all about “the energy of a night out”, Biig Piig is now sharing the video for ‘Feels Right’.

The video to ‘Feels Right’, says director Molly Burdett, is “centred around a surreal night out: the video focuses on the emotion and connection between a group of people. I loved the idea of representing this concept in the abstract space of a cube, reflecting the sensation of a close group of mates being at the centre of the world. The process of collaborating with such a brilliantly talented group of dancers to achieve this was absolutely amazing. Additionally not forgetting how epic it was to build a cube in the middle of an industrial estate! It was really important to find a location that felt unique, we wanted to find a space that felt like we could be anywhere, further emphasising this ethereal and dream like world. We ended up shooting in an old grain store that felt as if it were completely trapped in time, making the experience even more special.”

Watch it now below!

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