News Du Blonde announces collab with Ezra Furman

‘I’m Glad That We Broke Up’ arrives on Wednesday!

Fresh off of the release of ‘Medicated’ with Garbage’s Shirley Manson, Du Blonde has announced that she’ll be teaming up with Ezra Furman for new track ‘I’m Glad That We Broke Up’.

“Ok we can’t keep it in anymore,” Du Blonde said on Instagram. “Me and [Ezra Furman] have a single coming out on WEDNESDAY. It’s called ‘I’m Glad That We Broke Up’ and it’s our take on a 60s girl group/glam rock explosion. I feel like Ezra and I have been travelling towards a duet for years and we finally got our shit together. The track is about breaking up, regretting it and getting back together. It’s about realising that sometimes being in love doesn’t have to be all fireworks and excitement and that having someone you can fart next to is precious.”

Check out the announcement below!


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