Listen Vampire Weekend share ‘40:42’ remix EP

Featuring two reworkings of ‘2021’.

Following the release of ‘Father Of The Bride’ back in May 2019, Vampire Weekend are now sharing a remix EP, ‘40:42’, made up of two reworkings of record gem ‘2021’.

Both coming in at 20 minutes and 21 seconds each, the two tracks, ‘2021 (in the space between two pieces of wood)’ and ‘2021 (January 5th, to be exact)’, were reinvented by jazz saxophonist Sam Gendel and Connecticut’s Goose.

“They knocked it out of the park,” Vampire Weekend note. “Both created striking, exploratory works that stand on their own. We hope these 40 minutes and 42 seconds of music will provide some peaceful, vibey atmosphere as we all move through 2021.”

Have a listen below.


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