Listen Elle Lexxa shares ‘Lucifer’

Elle Lexxa shares ‘Lucifer’

The NYC newcomer share her newest dark pop bop.

Following the release of ‘Obsessed’ last year, Elle Lexxa is continuing to show-off her skills at crafting dark pop bops, sharing latest track ‘Lucifer’.

Speaking about ‘Lucifer’, Elle says, “Why am I the way I am, asked the TikTok fam. I grew up in a Victorian house, surrounded by 19th century dolls and antiques; I fell hard for the NeoVictorian/Steampunk world in the late 2010’s, headlined by trips to see Phantom of the Opera whenever I could scrape together enough money for a ticket. ‘Lucifer’ is my shameless Phantom-Fan Fiction; a hymn to Phantom through Christine’s gaze, but the Christine I wanted her to be, a tight-laced dominatrix, aggressively in control of her sexuality.”

Have a listen below.

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