Listen Bachelor make their introduction with debut single ‘Anything At All’

Bachelor make their introduction with debut single 'Anything At All'
Photo: Tonje Thilesen

Jay Som and Palehound introduce their new project!

Joining forces for a brand new project, Jay Som and Palehound have come together as Bachelor and are now introducing themselves with debut track ‘Anything At All’.

“We’re so excited to finally share this song and announce our new band!” The duo say. “We’ve been dear friends and huge fans of each other for years and were lucky enough to get to work together before quarantine in January 2020. One morning Melina was showering and this bass line idea just stuck in her head. She went downstairs to play it, waking Ellen who then came down and joined in on drums and started recording. After we got the basic track down we wrote lyrics about queerness, lust, and longing. Writing and recording ‘Anything At All’ was a really natural process and releasing it now feels very hopeful and joyous to us.”

Check it out below!

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